August 7th, 2013

Smell like yourself, not the supermarket washing powder aisle!

lysolAs this hilariously overwrought 50′s ad shows, where women were prepared to douche themselves with skin corroding household disinfectant…in order to delete their natural scent which to this day is seen as abhorrent- how sad. How we smell to others matters a lot to us-still.You can imagine the Mad Men style meeting about this new proposal to sell this to women and capitalise on their fear of being “unfeminine”. Beauty marketers in particular find ways of creating fear of everything these days, so that natural normal functions are pathologised and require “treatment”…and guess who is going to sell you a high priced solution? I must say that I love being clean and fresh as much as the next person and the pleasure of washing with our handmade natural soaps but also like to smell like myself.Since the skin restores it’s own ph balance itself within 20 mins of washing, this is easy- if we allow it.

I love hairy chest scent as a client recently posted on a FB discussion about hair, but that is often destroyed in a trail of nasty Lynx or toxically scented toileties/deodorants.

In our culture today ( and since the dawn of time) we have been encouraged to smell like something else that is sold to us…and it sure is pleasurable- indeed why I have been fascinated by scent for 55 years. I guess I am fascinated by the scent of everything, from musty fungoid porcini mushrooms to the faecal scent of durian. But in personal terms I like the way I smell naturally, which in the summer is of hazelnuts, When I am not going out over a weekend I often enjoy not washing, simply to explore how I smell, particularly if  I eat strong foods, herbs in a garden…my good friend Sushila made the most fabulous curry with fenugreek which is quite simply the essence of Indian cuisine- earthy, pungent aromatic, and in Ayurvedic medicinet to help prevent blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, etc., but is pharmacy in itself:

However it’s effect on the body are salutary when eaten…the pungent odour makes it’s way out through your pores-indeed in London on the tube is an ever present defineable odour. I love it but many don’t. But nomatter it gives a fascinating insight as to how our body works, and left to it’s own devices produces your own personal body signature odour, which is not unpleasant, and after all pheremones are what we are drawn to in other people, impercebtibly. Another natural miracle- and you know what? We subliminally judge others by the way we smell-and the perfumes we are drawn to often mimic our natural scent

What I have turned to to kill bacteria that multiply in our “pits”, still allow natural perspiration, does not impose any synthetic odour and is entirely natural is our crystal deodorant

Unemployment in Britain is now apparently impacting on personal hygiene, which is one way to explure who you really are in smell terms…

July 26th, 2013

Body hair is sexy

Sophia Loren pits (BC)

I was born into an era where starlets were naturally hairy as the stunning Sophia shows  and it was seen as perfectly natural and sexy to be that way, And in the 70′s when “free love” was exploding, we all stank of patchouli ( still secretly love it now hence the India Rose Soap, one of my faves) and were SUPER hairy…which was seen as a sign of being real, natural, free of convention. The “look” was heavily governed by hippy chicks, and my massive permed ‘fro was a sight to behold. Biba in Kensington was where you shopped for henna and glitter wellies…Tom Jones ( the sexiest man on the planet then was all chest hair and just gorgeousness) sigh, what an era.But we have transitioned now into an age where you are seen quite literally as a freak if you do not remove hair from every part of your body- except the currently fashionable beard (sales of Professor Edward J Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss are booming) for the male of the species that is!

I can’t understand this. I LOVE body hair, and have never shaved any bit of me-ever! I love hairy men too- and what is sexier than burying your face in a big hairy pheromone laden chest?( it’s been a while ;-)

But the tide is turning: this Spanish journalist Paloma Goni’s blog is fascinating- about her hairy body and the way she is perceived in daily life…not easy!

If you have time, the video conference on this subject is fascinating too:

July 22nd, 2013

No “sting” in our bee creams!

Dry dry skin- usually caused by your commercial moisture cream!

Dry dry skin- usually caused by your commercial moisture cream!

We chill our products instead of adding irritant preservatives like this: in order to offer most non -allergenic, soothing, healing unscented moisture creams as possible. I started making my own pure moisture creams 30 years ago because I had reactions like this, leading to chronic disfiguring eczema, and there was nothing I could buy that did not sting- because of the dubious contents.

What I started to do- making my own products with nothing but food ingredients -was seen as weird then, but hey, I’m nothing if not persistent!People are now beginning to get it ;-)  And have had the satisfaction of proving to clients that it is very often the water based, chemical filled moisture cream ( as opposed to our nourishing, oil rich creams)that they are using that has caused, continually dehydrates and prolongs their chronic dry skin problems because it contains nothing of value to the skin.And unfortunately I have yet to try a cream as good as ours- because water costs nothing and is the primary ingredient in all other brands.

March 30th, 2012

The pleasure of Rose vinegar

Summer’s nearly over so it is time to harvest all those beautiful heavenly scented rosepetals…I have put in richly scented heirloom roses for the first time, the stunning hybrid teas ( as I understand it) Gertrude Jekyll and Mr Lincoln…..

Gertrude Jekyll, what an evocative name!

Just loving roses, not being a gardener per se, and living previously in a garden which consisted of sand with coloured matter in, this is a new chapter, yay my first blooms!!
Vol de Nuit...or OMG!!! my first bloom

Vol de Nuit...or OMG!!! my first bloom..excited!

Candystripe rose what a trip-whooda thunkit!?

So I am- in addition to the Lavender Vinegar and Lemon Verbena that I make for myself, I have added Rosepetals, and it is on the the sunny windowsill glowing ruby red as I add the heavenly flow

The result, not a great pic but wow the colour!

ers one by one every day.
You can give it a go too! Just take a litre of cider vinegar, and add 2-3 handfuls of petals,herbs, flowers ( calendula is a great one)and leave in a sunny spot for a month or so, stirring every day, or adding more flowers as they bloom. Strain and bottle. Add a tablespoon or two to the last rinsewater after using our Shampoo Bars or if you can’t be bothered we have made it for you already!!
I think that the miracle cure for dry skin is vinegar…and our BB moisture creams of course, but unfortunately most people seem to want a synthetic smelling mango goo…sigh! if they only tried it as this wonderful feedback from from Bevn
“….while reading your web site I also discovered the best tip ever and that is to spritz my face and body with apple cider vinegar, I’ve be using it on my hair as a conditioner ever since using the shampoo bars but never on my body. Well this tip alone has been fantastic. I spritzed my face last night which has an unsightly rash the size of a 10 cent piece and this morning it is 90% gone. Infact this week just gone by I consulted my doctor who suggested if I liked I could have it burnt off. I can’t thank you enough for this tip and I think it should be in big bold letters right throughout your web site. Once again thank you!”
Health warning ! You will get hooked on doing this…but hey, if you don’t like the result, try a splash on the last of the sweet summer strawberries with mascarpone…! and
July 12th, 2011

Funky Chicken hair

Oh dear…after all my  bleating on about loving your hair in previous posts, I saw some photos that a client had done for publicity for his business…what a sight.
I looked like Marge Simpson meets Miss Marple with my ageing updo. I was obviously delusional, thinking that for years I looked like funky boho….more like no no!
Hence got desperate last week and had a radical haircut which was supposed to be a 70′s Feathercut- that looked great on me in…er…the 70′s!
When I get up in the morning I look like a a chicken that has been crushed between two pillows..
Who am I   &%$#@***  kidding?
What was I thinking???
After considerable time consuming primping and narcissistic messing about with wax concoctions/experiments ( the very thing I was trying to avoid)I still look like a mutant cockatoo, and it certainly isn’t the cutting edge middle aged funkster I fondly hoped myself to be….now have to live with this for 3 months until it grow enough to be restyled into something vaguely acceptable.
One side effect is however that I now understand why clients LOVE our shampoo bars, and say that they last so long ( one guy buys one of our fabulous beer shampoo bar once a year!!) …all I need now is a one pass slick of  any of our truly natural shampoo bars in our new Shampoo Sampler pack, or the new Moroccan Mud Bar/Tasmanian Bush Leaves ( both fabulous new products by the way) over my minimally hirsute bonce  and I’m done!

Drying takes 1.5 minutes with a hairdryer (avoiding the pink scalpy bits!!) so I guess that’s a bonus.

As Australians say, “one day a rooster, next day a feather duster”, ain’t that the truth, baby!!

But hey it’ll grow back….pass me that head sized paper bag would you?