The pleasure of Rose vinegar

Summer’s nearly over so it is time to harvest all those beautiful heavenly scented rosepetals…I have put in richly scented heirloom roses for the first time, the stunning hybrid teas ( as I understand it) Gertrude Jekyll and Mr Lincoln…..

Gertrude Jekyll, what an evocative name!

Just loving roses, not being a gardener per se, and living previously in a garden which consisted of sand with coloured matter in, this is a new chapter, yay my first blooms!!
Vol de Nuit...or OMG!!! my first bloom

Vol de Nuit...or OMG!!! my first bloom..excited!

Candystripe rose what a trip-whooda thunkit!?

So I am- in addition to the Lavender Vinegar and Lemon Verbena that I make for myself, I have added Rosepetals, and it is on the the sunny windowsill glowing ruby red as I add the heavenly flow

The result, not a great pic but wow the colour!

ers one by one every day.
You can give it a go too! Just take a litre of cider vinegar, and add 2-3 handfuls of petals,herbs, flowers ( calendula is a great one)and leave in a sunny spot for a month or so, stirring every day, or adding more flowers as they bloom. Strain and bottle. Add a tablespoon or two to the last rinsewater after using our Shampoo Bars or if you can’t be bothered we have made it for you already!!
I think that the miracle cure for dry skin is vinegar…and our BB moisture creams of course, but unfortunately most people seem to want a synthetic smelling mango goo…sigh! if they only tried it as this wonderful feedback from from Bevn
“….while reading your web site I also discovered the best tip ever and that is to spritz my face and body with apple cider vinegar, I’ve be using it on my hair as a conditioner ever since using the shampoo bars but never on my body. Well this tip alone has been fantastic. I spritzed my face last night which has an unsightly rash the size of a 10 cent piece and this morning it is 90% gone. Infact this week just gone by I consulted my doctor who suggested if I liked I could have it burnt off. I can’t thank you enough for this tip and I think it should be in big bold letters right throughout your web site. Once again thank you!”
Health warning ! You will get hooked on doing this…but hey, if you don’t like the result, try a splash on the last of the sweet summer strawberries with mascarpone…! and

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  1. Wendy Fowler says:

    congrats on the successful rose cultivation. Can I make a suggestion…. fabulous hybrid tea called Just Joey, apricot in colour and a scent to die for. Plant along side the beautiful David Austin…Evelyn, developed as the signature scent for Crabtree and Evelyn so really smells like “English Rose” talc. They look lovely together and the combination of perfumes is divine.
    If you want a lovely white rose then either Fair Bianca or Winchester Cathedral are very satisfactory.
    Happy gardening…oh BTW the nursery in Sandy Bay has a very good collection of roses and will also order in for you.

  2. jill says:

    Thanks so much Wendy! I am just looking at my garden in a house I moved to in Lindisfarne on the side of Natone hill, all shale and clay, and wondering where to put more roses without too much labour- hands are knackered after 20 years of pouring and stirring!I assume you mean Chandlers Nursery?Bruno out at Stonemans in Glenorchy has over 400 heirloom roses in his garden apparently, some dating back to the 1820″s! Amazing!
    Yes I am hooked but not much of a gardener…:-)

  3. Jo says:

    I am in love with apple cider vinegar! I currently have a jar steeping with Rosemary and Hibiscus flowers. My hair adores Hibiscus!
    I also make my own toner/spritz with Rosewater, ACV, and a drop or two of Glycerine. Magic!

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